Testimonials 2019


What our clients have to say about us…..


“Oh gosh, thank you so much. They are utterly beautiful.”
D. Sharp, United States – 21 May 2019


“Our trophies finally arrived yesterday! They look gorgeous, truly well done. Thank you so much.”
C. Pottenger, United States – 3 May 2019


“Thank you for your help. I look forward to working with you again.”
I. Hodges, United States – 8 April 2019


“All trophies have arrived in good condition and are hanging on the wall. Thank you for all your help in the matter.”
T. Khoo, Australia – 2 April 2019


“We have received our shipment and we are very pleased. The mounts are beautiful, the hides are soft and nice. The skulls and bones are awesome!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!”
J. Seror, United States – 21 March 2019


“The trophies appear to be in great shape and have survived the journey home without any issues. TCI did a great job with the taxidermy. We are very happy with each of them. Maple Freight did an excellent job packing and securing them so that no damage occurred in shipping them. And finally, Spherical Freight got them shipped to the US without incident. You all did a great job for us and we truly appreciate it. Thanks again for the great work you did and the excellent service you provide.”
G. Blankenship, United States – 9 February 2019


“Thank you so very much! You are thorough, persistent and patient. Such help!”
C. Schlidt, United States – 28 January 2019


“Thank you so much for all your help an patience throughout the Leopard permit.”
H. Gilbreath, United States – 28 January 2019


“Thank you very much, I certainly hope to do business with you again. You are very professional and I appreciate your company’s attention to detail. Thank you.”
J. Onofrey, United States – 25 January 2019