Testimonials 2017


What our clients have to say about us…..


“Trophies arrived just in time for Christmas and in good condition. Thank you very much.
J. Horstmann, Germany – 13 December 2017


“Many thanks… All my trophies arrived today with no harm. I am reliving my trip once again.”
J. Earnest, United States – 8 December 2017


“We thank you for your efforts. We certainly would like to visit again.”
P. Harris, United States – 10 November 2017.


“Thank you, yes, the shipment arrived in good condition. Very happy with your work and delivery.”
J. Wall, United Kingdom – 9 November 2017


“Thank you again for your very competent handling of all the transport and customs clearance of trophies.
Dr R. Benninghoven, Germany – 13 September 2017


“All items arrived just fine. Thanks to you and your staff for working to get this shipment processed.”
C. Field, United States – 1 September 2017


“ Yes, we received our order in excellent condition. Thank you so much for all your help in getting it to our home. Couldn’t have done it without you.
P. Lindemann, United States – 31 August 2017


“The trophies arrived in good order thanks.”
G. Green, United States – 30 August 2017


“I wanted to inform you that the trophies have been delivered to me today in perfect condition. Thanks again to everybody for helping and assisting.
F. Wegehaupt, Switzerland – 30 August 2017


“We received the trophies in good order”
On behalf of S. Klyug, Russia – 30 August 2017


“Thanks for your help. See you next year.”
D. Barrett, United States – 29 August 2017


“Thank you very much for your help with these shipments, your service has been excellent.”
J. Fegan on behalf of K. Fegan, United Kingdom – 2 August 2017


“Thank you for all your help, your service and communications have been exemplary.”
S. Matterson, United Kingdom – 21 July 2017


Thanks so much. It was an honor to visit your fine country. I look forward to doing this again. What a great adventure. You did a fine job !!
M. Villarreal, United States – 19 July 2017


“The trophies arrived with everything in good order. We do want to commend you [Maple Freight] and Spherical Freight on your outstanding customer service.
D. Frerich – United States, 15 July 2017


“All trophies came in good order. I appreciate your professional way of driving the actions and will recommend your services to any of my friends travelling to the area.”
C. Panait – Romania, 3 May 2017


“Thank you so much for your expertise and hard work in preparing this shipment.”
R. Bruce – United States, 3 May 2017


“ Everything looks good.  Thanks for your help in the process of getting them to us.  It was a pleasure to work with you.”
A. Martisak – United States, 2 May 2017


“Wohoo. I want to thank all of you that made this happen.  You have been such a pleasure to work with and patient to put up with my questions.”
J. Nobles – United States, 28 April 2017


“Yes, I have received my trophies all in good order thanks for the help.  I hope you get to ship another order in the future.”
T. Bridgers – United States, 28 April 2017


“My trophies arrived at my house in excellent shape, there was no damage at all. Thank you for your excellent service.”
J. Blake – United States,  25 April 2017


“Yes, all was received in great order.  Thank you for checking.  I will be taking another trip and will look to use your services again.  Great job and thank you!”
Fred Keller – United States, 20 April 2017


“Yes, everything arrived in perfect working order about a week ago.  The pleasure was mine and I thank you for your courtesy.”
David Petzal – United States, 20 April 2017


“Trophies arrived and look great.  Very happy with them. Thanks again.”
Russelll Grimm – United States, 20 April 2017


“Incredible news! Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.  I truly appreciate the ease of communication and clarity of the process, thank you.”
E. Thompson – United States, 16 March 2017


“I know we will be working together again in the future”
A. Stahl – United States, 16 March 2017


“My trophies have arrived…I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in getting my trophy order processed and shipped to the USA.”
B. Brown – United States, 12 March 2017


“The trophies arrived on January 20.  They are in good condition and was not any damage to them.  Thanks for helping me get them.”
J. Salmond – United States, 25 January 2017


“Everything was received and perfect.  Thanks so much for all your assistance!”
A. McGraw – United States, 23 January 2017 


“We got the shipment last week and everything looks great.  Thanks very much for all you did.”
S. Dirks – United States, 23 January 2017


“Mr Murry has unpacked his trophies and found all to be well.  He is happy and all is good.”
On behalf of J. Murry – United States, 13 January 2017