Testimonials 2015

What our clients have to say about us…..


“The trophies are safe and sound all in good condition… It has been perfect working with you and your company, outstanding the entire time.”
D. Hunt – USA, 28 December 2015


“Yes, the shipment arrived in good order and it was here just before Christmas so it became my first present opened… all looked like museum quality work that was expertly packed to prevent damage in shipment.  It was assuredly the best gift that could be asked for.”
B. Barany – USA, 28 December 2015


“To all that helped me through this process, my trophies are finally in my possession.  In these stressful times for hunters and their trophies, it’s nice to have the help of a great team, from processing and crating, to final delivery it takes the watchful eye of many and of course the correct paperwork.  Thank you all.”
J. Borgesen – USA, 14 Deccember 2015


“It’s like Christmas has arrived early this morning when a large crate arrived from Zimbabwe.  I have opened it and all appears to be in good order.  The tusks are lifelike with the natural staining and the mounts are realistic even in the box. It looks like you folks have done another fantastically lifelike job here.”
B. Barany – USA, 10 December 2015


“The trophy arrived in good order and looks great.”
T. Roberts – Australia, 7 December 2015


‘My trophies and gunbag arrived yesterday. I am really pleased with the job that you have done. They were certainly well packed.”
K. Thompson – UK, 23 November 2015


“Everything arrived perfectly.  You’re the greatest. Thank you so very much.”
T. Ahlberg – USA, 21 November 2015


“Many thanks for all your help and work.”
J. Zaiglin – USA, 20 November 2015


“Your work was great and I received my trophies very well packed and in very good shape.  No complaints at all.  It was a pleasure working with you and I will keep working with you in the future. Thank you very much again.”
M. E. Gonzalez – Costa Rica, 20 November 2015


“All the trophies are in order, I am very pleased with your work.”
E. Korsmoe – Norway, 20 November 2015


“ I did receive my trophies and I was very impressed with the way every piece was carefully packed and shipped. Thank
you sincerely for everything you did to get my trophies shipped to me safely and expeditiously.”
R. Montgomery – USA, 19 November 2015


“Thank you for expediting our trophies to the US.  We have received both orders now and all is in good order.  I am
very pleased with your service and communication.  Look forward to working with you again in the future.”
J. Schomer – USA, 19 November 2015


“Yes I did receive my trophies and they are great.  Thanks so much for your help.”
M. Peterson – USA, 19 November 2015


“Received my shipment about three weeks ago.  Everything was in order.  Very well packed.  Hope to come back
F. Winter – USA, 19 November 2015


‘Thanks a million for sorting that zebra skin out for us.  We are over the moon with it.’
T. Weeks – Zimbabwe, 12 November 2015


“Please convey my thanks and compliments to the TCI team, everything is perfect!  Next hunt, if successful , will go directly to you, I am delighted with the way the tusks have been “mounted”, the bags are great, again everything is above expectations.”
T. Clidiere – Switzerland, 15 October 2015


“All the trophies arrived in good order.  I was excited to finally receive them.  Thank you very much for all the help and a wonderful job.”
E. French – USA, 7 October 2015


“What can I saw… THANK YOU ALL so much!!!.
In the current environment what you have achieved from Bulawayo, Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Basel, Zürich… BRAVO! Can’t wait to be back Switzerland.”
T. Clidiere – Switzerland, 2 October 2015


“I worried about the condition they would be in when they arrived since they sat at airports in Johannesburg and Washington D.C so long waiting for a flight.  Thankfully, the trophies were packed very secure and it took quite some time for my son and I to open the crate to check its contents.  We found all the trophies arrived in excellent condition.  Thank you for your hard work insuring our trophies arrived in excellent condition.”
J. Colmerauer – United States, 2 October 2015


“Very pleased with your services.  All received in good order – very well packed and no shipping problems or damage.  Thanks”
V. Spitaleri – United States, 1 October 2015


“Your communication and service have been excellent.  Thank you so much for handling the trophies with care.”
J. Stegeman – United States, 1 October 2015


“We appreciate your assistance.  Thanks.”
D. Hessler – United States, 1 October 2015


“The packaging was quite incredible… it took me over an hour to get the trophies out but what a result they were… beautifully put together and very professional.  Thank you again.”
J. Whitehead – United Kingdom, 1 October 2015


“Received all trophies in great shape yesterday from my Safari in Zimbabwe.”
O. Hunter – U.S.A, 23 September 2015


“Finally home and have unpacked the buffalo.  All in good order. Very impressed with the packing, there looked to be no chance of it moving within the packing case.  Very Impressed.  Again many thanks to all involved.”
S. Stewart – USA, 23 September 2015


“ Shipment is complete, no issue on my side. And again, thank you as Fabian said, great team work!”
Clidiere – Switzerland, 17 September 2015.


“Thanks for doing trophies, I have received them and I am very happy with them. Thanks for your hard work”
T. Axten – United Kingdom, 5 September 2015


“All trophies well received in perfect condition – thank you for the good work.”
J.P. Adam – Mauritius, 24 August 2015


“Everything is wonderful and I appreciate all you have done.  Great job! Thank you very much”
C. Mace – U.S.A, 21 August 2015


“All is good.  Thanks for your attention, trophies are home safely.”
C. Campuzano – Mexico, 21 August 2015


“Everything turned out great.  You were a pleasure to work with.  Thanks.”
G. Bauer – U.S.A, 21 August 2015


“Trophies have been delivered. I would like to say thanks for all your help and also understanding. I feel very lucky re: how smoothly things went from my end. Certainly hope I can return to Zimbabwe in the future and again avail myself of the services of Maple Freight and TCI.”

 D.E. Stewart – U.S.A, 21 August 2015


“Everything is in order, many thanks again for the help and dealing with the trophies, all the very best to you and your team and hopefully will contact you in the future again.
L. Pedraza – Spain, 23 July 2015


“The boots you made may be the most comfortable boots I have ever owned!”
C. Hill – U.S.A, 16 July 2015


“My trophies arrived at the tannery this week. Everything seems to be OK. Thank you so much for your efforts and keeping everyone involved up to date on the process. You were very professional in every way. I will be using you again I’m sure and would recommend you to anyone.”
J. Killgore – USA, 3 July 2015


“My trophies arrived at the tannery in good order. Thank you for your helpand keeping me informed during the entire export process. It has been apleasure working with you”
C. Houser – USA, 26 June 2015


“Thank you. They look great. Makes me want to come back. Thank you for all yours and everyone else’s hard work.”
F. Winter – USA, 26 June 2015


“They are in good shape! Thank you and your associates for ensuring they arrived in good order. I hope to be repeating a trip to Zimbabwe soon.”
D. Roane – USA, 25 June 2015


“Thanks for all your work in making this happen. Your company mastered it quite well.”
H. Warner – USA, 24 June 2015


“Yes, I received my trophies. All were in perfect condition. The USFWS Inspector even commented how nice it was to see the CITES tags easy to verify. Thanks again.”
D. Soter – USA, 24 June 2015


“Everything arrived and is fine. I look forward to working with you again next year.”
S. Jaworski – USA, 24 June 2015


“I’ve received trophies in best condition and with proper documentation, so there was no problem with veterinary inspection and customs. Thank you again to all of you.”
A. Fock – Slovenia, 24 June 2015


“So far all seems great. Thank you for all the trouble you’ve gone through, I know it is your work, but hey, I know sometimes it is just not easy!”
N. Hermann – South Africa,  14 May 2015


 “The shipment arrived and in excellent condition. Thank you so much for your prompt courteous service. We definitely plan on going back to South Africa and Zimbabwe. We hope to deal with you again”
R. Cervo – Canada, 14 May 2015


“The trophies are already home, unpacked and beautiful.  There were no problems with border vet control and customs.  I hope we’ll cooperate again in future.”

A.Fock – Slovania, 11 May 2015 


 “Everything in the shipment was great – thank you very much for all your work and keeping me advised.”
B. Graham – U.S.A, 28 April 2015


“Thank you for your good work and your efforts! The shipment arrived safely this week. All papers were ok and the trophies were very clean and well packaged. My fears were all unfounded. Thank you again – it was a professional job, totally!

I hope I can take your services on my next trip again. Zimbabwe is a fantastic country for hunters.”
J. Pfanzelt – Germany, 24 April 2015


“Everything received in good order. Thank you for your assistance.”
S. Patton – USA, 20 April 2015


“I just wanted to let you know that my trophies have arrived in good shape and the buffs are already on the wall.
Thank you for your help and thank you to your staff for their good work”
W. Patrick – U.S.A, 20 April 2015


“I am very pleased with your continued promptness and professionalism. I hope you are handling my next safari”
B. J. Cohea – U.S.A, 9 April 2015


“Just to say thanks, the trophies arrived last week in good order. It was a pleasure to deal with you and things were really done in a professional and efficient way. Extend my thanks to your team too.”

J. Adam –Mauritius, 2 April 2015


“What a team. I just want to thank you all for standing together and making this look so easy!”

N. Hermann – South Africa, 27 March 2015


“The trophies are in good order.”

on behalf of V. Gelosa – Italy, 25 March 2015


“Thank you for all your help and especially your empathy to my circumstances.  You are very professional.”

D.Meier – United States, 25 March 2015


“It is my hope to be back in Zimbabwe soon.  Thank you for your professionalism and concern.”

B.Creel – United States, 24 March 2015


“Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf… you went out of your way to look out for my interests.”

J. Odusch – USA, February 2015


“It was really nice to work with you. I can only wish that all trophy shipments were as professional as your work!”

H. Andre – Hungary, February 2015