Testimonials 2016


What our clients have to say about us…..


“Everything just arrived in our son’s home… today. Perfectly packed and all came through in outstanding condition.  Great Job as usual.”
F. Sprow – United States, 17 November 2016


“…thank you for all your help I really appreciate everything you have done in getting my trophies from the hunt of my childhood dreams here to the states thanks again.”
J. Black – United States, 11 November 2016


“Wonderful service – great outcome – all fantastic!”
E. Galante – Zimbabwe, 7 November 2016


“Thank you for your patience… The items made from the hippo feet and skin were perfect!  The boots fit and are very, very comfortable! I loved the bookends, candy dish and ice bucket!  The gun case is beautiful! Thanks you very much for the great craftsmanship and follow-up. I appreciate it very much.”
J. Ferguson – United States, 2 November 2016


“Thank you for the professional follow-up! The shipment arrived recently… Thank you very much.”
J. Ferguson – United States, 29 September 2016


“All of our trophies arrived in Kansas USA last week. All items were in excellent order and the quality of the finished items is very impressive. The giraffe lamps received multiple compliments! Thank you for the excellent service.”
The Johnson Family –United States, 27 October 2016


“Trophies arrived and all items were in excellent order.  Quality of the finished items are impressive. A Well Done to everyone’s part.  A special thanks from the Johnson Family!”
B. Johnson – United States, 27 October 2016


“All arrived safely and efficiently.  Thanks very much.  The Ottoman is brilliant!”
S. Machin – United Kingdom, 6 September 2016


“Everything arrived in good shape.  I appreciate how you kept me up to date with the progress during shipment.  Thank you.
E. Wismer – USA, 6 September 2016


“Trophies are home, quality is good thank you.”
M. Lehtonen – Finland, 6 September 2016


“I wanted to let you know that I received my boots and belt in great condition.  The workmanship on them is superb!”
C. Hill – United States, 2 September 2016


“… I have just receive my trophies at home…many thanks for all you’ve done and I also hope to be in Zimbabwe in a “not too distant future” as you say. Zimbabwe is for me, “the hunting paradise” and a very lovely country.”
R. Riera – Argentina, 29 August 2016


“ Thanks for everything!!! I checked the trophies this Sunday and as far as I can see, everything is perfect.”
T. Rosenkranz – Germany, 16 August 2016


“We received word it has arrived… thanks… we appreciate your part in getting the trophy to USA.”
S. Lair (on behalf of G. D. Lair) – United States, 15 August 2016


“Thanks for all your help, you guys did a good job,”
J. Rainey – United States, 15 August 2016


“Received the skin… I love it!!!”
S. Matemachani – Zimbabwe, 15 August 2016


“As usual thanks for your fine work. Look forward to next time.”
F. Sprow – United States, 29 July 2016


“We got the shipment it looks like it is in good order… Everything as good with the service… I hope to be back soon.”                                                      
S. Konieczny – United States, 12 July 2016


“We received our trophy shipments with no problems.  Everything was in order and the trophy preparation for shipping was some of the best we have seen.  It was a great pleasure to deal with all of you during this process, as there was never any question as to where we were with the shipments.  Your communications through the process was second to none.  It was also a pleasure working with you and we do hope to get back to Zimbabwe again.”
R. Mizrahi – United States, 12 July 2016


“This is the second time I have used your services and I have another shipment due very soon via Trophy Consultants International.  
Your service is truly exceptional and I was informed at every stage of the freight process.”
R. Clark – United Kingdom, 12 July 2016


“thank you for beautifully mounted trophies, a high quality cartridge wallet and purse made out of my waterbuck leather.  My waterbuck and impala are hanging proudly on my wall and the detail and quality of the taxidermy is wonderful.  You have preserved my trophies and memories for the future.”
M. High – United States, 18 June 2016


“Thank you all once again for helping make my trip to Zimbabwe a fantastic, life-long memory.”
M. Shiels – United States, 16 June 2016


“Thank you very much for your diligence and professionalism. I’m thrilled to have possession of these items… I can’t wait to get back to Zimbabwe.  When I do, I look forward to again working with you and the rest o the team at Maple Freight.”
L. Visco – United States, 9 June 2016


“Everything worked out great.  Thanks for all the help.  I will certainly recommend y’all to folks in the future.  I will be back in Zimbabwe so will be working with your accompany in Zimbabwe again soon.”
J. Dewett – United States, 8 June 2016


“It looks like everything made it ok… Thanks again for all your support and professional services during the process.”
M. Chapmond – United States, 8 June 2016


“Thanks again for the good service and for the good cooperation!!!”
Dr T. Rosenkranz – Germany, 20 May 2016


“Thank you so much.  All our items are in perfect condition.  I am very pleased with the quality of cape mounts and other goods, especially the 2 paintings done on Elephant ears.”
R. Samitov – Russia, 11 April 2016


“ I just got everything unpacked.  All was in good condition.  I am very pleased with the quality of the replicas and the carved bases look great.  Thanks so much,”           
D. Adams – U.S.A, 3 April 2016,


“I am pleased to report that the shipment has arrived and been uncrated… all appears to be in order. I truly appreciate your efforts to make this shipment successful.  I do hope to visit Zimbabwe again, it was a lifetime experience.
S. Oliver – U.S.A, 1 April 2016


“This is to thank you and all the other fine people for all of the work you have done and arrangements made to get these trophies to us in these rather trying times.  
R. & D. Rokita – U.S.A, 1 April 2016


“Many thanks for the follow up. Order arrived in Frankfurt, so everything should be alright….looking forward to working with you in the future.”
F. Schauz – Germany, 3 March 2016


“Our buffalo trophy came to Moscow according to schedule, everything is ok! Thank you for your cooperation and proper work done for us!  We will certainly contact your company if we need to ship trophies next time!”
Mr Alexander on behalf of N. Zaykin – Russia, 3 March 2016


“In the past I often worked with you and I must say that you are best taxidermist of Southern Africa, to my mind.
B. Lozancic – Germany, 29 Febuary 2016


“Thanks so much – your professionalism is a great help in all this.”
D. Karlsen – Norway, 17 Febuary 2016


“The trophies have been received and they were certainly well secured in their packaging.  Everything was very efficient and I thank you very much for the excellence service.”
R. Aspinall – USA, 6 January 2016