Full mount Leopard bound for France


leopard and klipspringer 2

leopard and klipspringer

leopard and klipspringer 3

leopard and klippy
We have just completed this beautiful full mount of a leopard and it’s fresh kill,  a small antelope called a klipspringer. This particular mount is going to be crated up soon and will be heading to France to one of our clients, Mr Perrey.  These style of mounts are always a challenge to pack but we’re lucky that our crating department  has a wealth of experience. From there, this lovely leopard is in the hands of our sister company, Maple Freight who will take care of all the documentation and send it safely on it’s way to Mr Perrey.




Zimbabwean fine artist, Lin Barrie



kudu skull studies 80 by 80 (3)

We are lucky enough to have one of Lin Barrie’s paintings for sale in our Bulawayo showroom. Read more about this talented artist below:

In the south east of Zimbabwe, Africa, lies the Save Valley Conservancy, (SVC), a wildlife reserve of nearly one million acres. A semi-arid wilderness of spectacular granite kopjies, golden savannah, ancient leadwood forests and monolithic baobab trees, this tantalizing territory is home to endangered Black and White rhinos, African hunting dogs, elephants, buffalo, lion and a host of other species. As an annex to the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) which comprises Kruger National Park, Limpopo Park and Gonarezhou National Park, this lowveld area is also home to artist Lin Barrie and her life partner, Clive Stockil.

Expressing her hopes, fears and love for special ecosystems with her paintbrush, Lin Barrie believes that the essence of a landscape, person or animal can only truly be captured by direct observation. She immerses herself in her subjects, whether it is sketching rhinos drinking at a favourite waterhole, watching African Hunting dogs and their pups, painting traditional dancers, or sketching dhows on the Mozambique coast. The wheeling constellations and moon phases of the night skies, the people, the droughts, veld fires and regenerating rains of Africa – all are inspiration to Lin in creating her works of art on canvas and handmade paper. She is fascinated by the synergies between elements of landscape and animals, such as the texture of baobab skin which so closely resembles that of elephants’ limbs, and the shapes of monumental rock outcrops which take human or animal form.



Girls with Guns visit our Bulawayo showroom

girls with guns


We felt very lucky last week to have a visit from the gorgeous girls of  hunting apparel and accessories brand, Girls with Guns. GWG’s Norissa Harman and Jenifer Adams alongside country singer, Morgan Mills paid us a visit on their way back from a hunting trip with professional hunter, Bruce Cronje of Martin Pieters Safaris.  All the way from Northern California, the trio of hunting enthusiasts had just completed their 12th safari this year!  As well as their clothing line, the girls are busy filming for their American show, Universal Huntress TV – definitely worth a watch.