Client references


What our clients have to say about us…..


“Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf… you went out of your way to look out for my interests.”

J. Odusch – USA, February 2015


“It was really nice to work with you. I can only wish that all trophy shipments were as professional as your work!”

H. Andre – Hungary, February 2015


“Each of you played a real part in this successful shipment. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all you did. You went above and beyond to help me and I fully know that. I don’t know how to say thank you enough… thank you, thank you thank you.”

D. J. Stoner – USA, December 2014


“I was very pleased with how well everything turned out. Also impressed with how well everything was packaged and crated for shipping. Thank you for a job well done!”

R. Peterson – USA, November 2014


“Thanks to each of you for such a fine job of taxidermy, packing, shipping and coordination as usual. Will be back next year so see you then.

F. Sprow – USA, September 2014


I received my trophy box and i was very pleased with how well everything turned out. Also, I was impressed with how well everything was packaged and crated for shipping. Thank you for a job well done. best wishes to you for the continued success with your business.”

R. Peterson – United States, 13th November 2014


Thank you. our zebra skin is gorgeous!”

S. Grieves – Africa, 13th November 2014


I am extremely happy and pleased with my Zimbabwe trophies. To Marina : the crate was very sound and ZERO trophy damage. Thank you. To Carol: Thanks for the great communication, your personal touch and overseeing my trophy preparation. To the T.C.I team: Thanks for the wonderful handling/preparing  of my trophies. everything looked great and believe it or not,  my wife loved the carved giraffe leg especially the first-ever Impala table-top stand. Nicely done and surely will be a long lasting memory.”

C, Deery – Germany, 24th October 2014


 Thank you for the excellent work in preparing and shipping of my trophy

M. Bice – United States, 16th October 2014


I wish to thank you for your assistance on the shipment of my trophies.  I received them in great shape and I appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you. Last week I received my trophies from a double Bull Elephant Safari with CMS. With two elephants there was a bunch that could be done with that much leather, tusks, feet bones and skulls. On opening the six crates and investigating all the items I was over the top on satisfaction with the results. Trophy Consultants International did a fantastic job on my order thank you Cuan and Paula. The shipping and exporting was handled perfectly with Marina at Maple freight and Denise at Spherical freight. “

R.D Keeler – United States, 15th October 2014


“Thanks to each of you for such a fine job of taxidermy, packing, shipping and coordination – as usual. I will be back next year, so see you then.

F. Sprow – United States, 22nd September 2014


Thank you for your help with our trophies. we are so thankful at your participation in getting our trophies back to us. Your work has been greatly appreciated and never will be forgotten

J & L Houlding – United States, 19th September 2014


“I want to let you know that my trophies have been delivered to me today. All is well and I am very happy with the work. please forward my thanks to all the workers who were responsible in the preparation and crating of the trophies. Hope to deal with you next year as i am going on on another hunt in the Zambezi valley.”

F. Wegehaupt – Switzerland, 15th September 2014 


I would like to thank you and your team for my buffalo mount which I received yesterday and the excellence of the finish. The nice thing about it, is that yesterday was the day I shot him last year.

N. Margéot – Mauritius, 27 May 2014


Today I got my trophies. They are really good, especially the hippo teeth on a wooden shield of Africa which is very impressive.”

Dr. R. Bargen – Germany, 23 May 2014


I just picked up my trophy buffalo shoulder mount this weekend. It turned out as I hoped it would. I had a rifle case made from the back skin and like that very much also. The scrotum was made into a dice cup and it will make a much talked about trophy. I believe the service you and the shipping company provided was good and appreciate the email contact along the way to completion.”

J. Curry – United States, April 2014


“The consignment was well received and cleared from customs… The goods were in an impeccable condition and I thank you all for your efforts. ”

N. Limnios – Sudan, April 2014


You know I must say, you do very good paperwork. Thank you, Maple Freight.”

John J. Meehan III – Fauna & Flora Customhouse Brokerage Co., Inc – United States, April 2014


Many thanks to Maple Freight in Zim… happy trails and until next time.”

C. Deery – United States, April 2014


Thank you for everything, I look forward to working with you.

G. Thomas – United States, April 2014


“...the people I dealt with were outstanding as was the crating and packaging.”

D. Hildebrandt – United States, April 2014


Nice mounts, can’t wait to hang them up on my wall.”

J. Savikataaq – Canada, April 2014


Looking over the wall of trophies here at work where they are displayed and the ones done by your firm still stand head and shoulders, in quality and appearance above the rest (no pun intended). Thanks again.”

B. Barany – United States, 12 June 2014